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Catalog archive | Auction 179

03/11/2021 - 03/13/2021

Lot 886
Auction 179 | Lot 886
Opening bid
Estate of the carrier of the Knight's Cross and carrier of the German Cross in gold Major Otto well-led (Hinrich Gottfried) with among others preliminary possession testimony Captain well-led Kdr. / I. / Gr. Regiment 371 for the Knight's Cross of the iron Cross, dated HQu OKH, the 5.9.1943, original signature General major Wilhelm Burgdorf, framed, blotched, centered fold trace, condition 2, preliminary possession testimony first lieutenant well-led Adj. Gr. Regiment 371 for the German language cross in gold, dated HQu OKH, the 14. March 1943, original signature General field marshal Wilhelm Keitel, framed, glass with tear, blotched and slightly billowy, condition 2, military ID card the Federal Armed Forces with the entries of all decoration, condition 2, Photo album "7. Komp. Inf. Regiment 45 - memories of my tenure" with more then 100 x photos, condition 2, portfolio "work region I-III East Prussia - fatigue duty service honor" with more then 50 x photos, condition 2, small Photo album with more then 30 x photos among others military hospital stay in Wroclaw, condition 2. In addition to that over 150 x lots photos with among others carrier and portrait photography, international driving license, pass, isolated write and covers and various emblem from the German Armed Forces time the carrier of the Knight's Cross. Please exactly inspect!
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Accepted bid