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Catalog archive | Auction 184

14 January - 15 January 2022

Lot 18
Auction 184 | Lot 18
Opening bid
Exquisite fire-gilded snake bracelet with royal blue enamel, partial rubbed. The highlighted centerpiece with edging from two drop-shaped precious opals, approximate 14 x 9 mm, with entourage from diamond roses as well centered two sheets with edging from rubies, partial synthetic, in sclerotic versions. 585er yellow-gold, according to provenance, due to the state of the object unrenewed reconsidered. France. Around 1880. L. Approximate 19, 5 cm. Ca. 34, 30 large provenance: 1984 acquired by Anna Mary Wager, E. Helga Ahrend, Munich.
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