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Catalog archive | Auction 191

31 March - 1 April 2023

Lot 3630
Auction 191 | Lot 3630
Opening bid
1910 - 2021, world, unused / mint never hinged and cancelled inventory, antecedent Germany from 1945, as well collection German Demokratic Republik (East Germany) in the main numbers completely, partly twice collected, collection Berlin mint never hinged / unused complete and used except for souvenir sheet 1 complete, collection Federal Republic of Germany to 2002, in both conditions complete, always in Lindner illustrated albums, in addition to it a little German Reich and occupied areas, included are many good issues right up to Soviet Zone Michel no. Souvenir sheet 1 t unused and souvenir sheet 1 x mint never hinged, souvenir sheet 2 t unused, Berlin 1 / 20 mint never hinged and used always with photo certificate Schlegel BPP, 21 / 34 mint never hinged and used always expertized Schlegel BPP, 42 / 60 mint never hinged, 64 / 67 mint never hinged expertized Schlegel BPP, 68 / 70 mint never hinged and used, for latter photo expertize Lippschütz BPP, souvenir sheet 1 unused, American/British Zone 73 / 100 mint never hinged as well Federal Republic of Germany 123 / 38 mint never hinged and 177 / 96 mint never hinged, in the modern part to 2002 (per 2) collected, in addition stamp booklets and duration series features with strip of five and so on (nominal in total over 800.-), in addition to it small lot cards and covers from army postal service, collection Austria in the illustrated album, as well extensive duplicate stocks and small \"philatelic journey round the world\" in stock books and accessories with among others \"Signoscope\", extensive collector's estate in approximate 70 albums in 12 large boxes
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Accepted bid