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Catalog archive | Auction 179

03/11/2021 - 03/13/2021

Lot 830
Auction 179 | Lot 830
Opening bid
German cross in gold, Cupal / Tombac silver-plated / gold plated, type III, 4 tubular rivets, needle with manufacturer's marks "1" company Deschler & son Munich, 69, 88 g, carried, condition 2, the piece comes from family ownership of the captain ieutenant Otto Dingeldein and was us from stepson of the deceased carrier to the auction hand over. In addition to it includes the small estate still 2 x support photo, Iron Cross 1939 2. Class, casket for the iron cross 1939 1. Class, German cross in gold after the Orders Law 1957, medal clasp with Iron Cross 2. Class and War Merit Cross with swords after the Orders Law 1957, U boat front clasp in bronze after the Orders Law 1957, submarine war badge in gold after the Orders Law 1957 and 14 x navy buttons fire-gilded and some epaulettes. Otto Dingeldein born at the 6.3.1915, perished at the 1.5.1981 served to his Entrance in the war navy in the second world war at the U-Bootwaffe among others as captain lieutenant and chief engineer on the submarines U 170 and U 171. At the 10. January 1944 got he the German language cross in gold.
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