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Catalog archive | Auction 179

03/11/2021 - 03/13/2021

Lot 865
Auction 179 | Lot 865
Opening bid
Small estate of a SS standards Oberjunkers with cuff title for captain in the SS regiment 3 "the leader", black cloth, silver edging, gothic characters, Bevo woven, metal thread, length approximate 47 cm, sewed over end, condition 1-2, armament SS single collar patch for officers, black cloth, machinery embroidered runes, with wooden or Papppe backed, condition 1-2, SS civil badge at needle, non-ferrous metal silver-plated, enameled, condition 2, SS generally Arm bandage, red Wollfilz, black swastika on white field, single sewn, inside with SS RZM paper label, strong carried, holes, condition 3-4, identification and service book with various entries, punched, condition 3-4, SS driving license, punched, condition 3 and membership card Hitler youth, condition 2.
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Accepted bid