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Catalog archive | Auction 194

29 September 2023

Lot 6627
Auction 194 | Lot 6627
Opening bid
HAPAG - extensive special collection the Hamburg-America-line, mainly from the period 1920 - 1938 in the thick Leitz-files, including postcards, on-board mail letters, waybills, boarding tickets, over 120 menus with day programs from mostly Kd F travels the steamer MS \"Oceania\", \"St. Louis\", \"Wilhelm Gustloff\" to Italy, Portugal, Norway and so on, the Africa line is with the steamer \"Windhoek\" likewise be present. In addition to it there are the book \"German Automobile Association North country trip 1929\" and a brochure \"HAPAG - description the ports of call 1937\", time historical interesting material, inspection recommended!
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