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Catalog archive | Auction e001

10–12 April 2024

Lot 4119
Auction e001 | Lot 4119
Opening bid
1949 - 2009, complete, cancelled collection in 5 Lighthouse illustrated album, as well almost all decisive values and issues of the early years to approximate 1955 expertized Schlegel A. BPP or Schlegel D. BPP, with Heuss watermark sideways and Heuss fluorescent, these likewise expertized Schlegel BPP. As well the posthorn permanent issue with some block of four and multiples by the smaller values, and horizontal pairs and vertical strip of three almost allr values (see photos). As well has the collector always value on neat postmarks put. From 1999 has he be always a centered cancellation of the post office its Wohnortes concerned. In addition to it a special part of a collection with horizontal pairs the sheet stamps issues the coil stamps permanent issues with the posthorn edition, these except for the 70 Pf. Value complete, then from Brandenburg Gate and small buildings complete up to flower permanent issue, as well from the places of interest usually with first day special cancel and often from a the corners of the sheet. (former starting price 500)
For lots of the clearance sale we accept underbids up to 30% starting price - if there is no higher bid!
Accepted bid