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Auction 197

14 June 2024

Lot 5691
Lot 5691
Opening bid
1872 - 1900, breast shield issues - Germania, interesting lot with more then 200 documents, as well Michel number 14 in the strip of five as mass franking on cover to the United States (photo expertize Sommer BPP - second largest known unit on cover), mixed franking in different colours to Algeria, three colour franking between 1 kreuzer, 7 kreuzer and 9 kreuzer on forerunner of C.O.D covers, also other coloured, colourful and mixed frankings, multiple franking and sought single frankings the pennies / crown eagle time, partly to Australia, Africa, South America, Hawaii, likewise included a rare submarine cover and various single lots other auction houses, please check carefully!
For lots of the clearance sale we accept underbids up to 30% starting price - if there is no higher bid!