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07/23/2020 - 07/25/2020

Blankwaffen Deutschland Around 1900, hunting hunting knife with impure knife, hunting knife with on both sides etched edged blade with chase subjects, blade without manufacturer, stag horn handle with 3 put on "to peek", gilded brass cap with Acorn, s shaped cross-guard in hooves ending, mussel guard, with shock leather, black scabbard made from leather with gilt brass fittings, on the mouth plate engraving "Gew. From Sr. Exelenz Baron from Plettenberg General lieutenant and inspector the huntsman and protect at the 12. May 1906", supporting hook in the shape of an Acorn, impure knife with stag horn handle and one put on lens, blade on both sides seared, hunting knife length of blades approximate 42 cm, total length approximate 57, 2 cm, condition 2. Karl Baron from Plettenberg born 18.12.1852, perished 10. February 1938, was a Prussian General the infantry, More commanding General of the Gardekorps and general adjutant from Emperor Wilhelm II.
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