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Catalog archive | Auction 182

09/09/2021 - 09/11/2021

Lot 6518
Auction 182 | Lot 6518
Opening bid
3 pennies vermilion, so-called \"Saxony of three\", plate III / LOC. 14, on printed matter without address wrapper in that Postal Union area, perfect centric cancellation two ring cancel \"CHEMNITZ 30. November 50\" and alongside frame cancel \"from Saxony\", on all sides full to huge margins, at the bottom with complete cutting line of the Bavarian line system, above and left parts the cutting line, marvelously fresh colours received, faultless outstanding quality, printed matter with full content - representative notice of the company Johann Friedrich plow ax, the in Chemnitz domiciled \"english, French and German Kurzwaaren\" offer. Rare entire piece, especially with an in this chosen condition hardly once to find copy the popular and scarce stamp, multiple expertized, among others Köhler, Thier with attest (from 1922! ), Hartmann and detailed photo expertize Vaatz BPP (2019) \"the item submitted for inspection is genuine, the stamp is perfect, with wide margins and clear readable centric cancellation. \" - Michel 25.000.-
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